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Audra Byrne, Leadership Strategist
Audra Byrne
Leadership Strategist

3 Steps to Letting Employees Do the Simple Stuff

“It’s just easier if I do it myself.”

When was the last time you said that about your business? Was it yesterday, last week, or just 5 minutes ago?  Were you blissfully happy to add a simple task to your full plate? Or, did you feel a ping of frustration doing a task you didn’t have time for again?

It’s safe to say your business is your baby. No one will love it like you do.

After all, you’ve risked a lot to build it. There isn’t an employee on staff who understands what you’ve gone through to get where you are.

Starting out, you knew you needed a team to help you. You wanted employees who took responsibility and made decisions with a “if it’s broken fix it, don’t ignore it” mentality.

The truth is employees don’t join your team automatically programmed exactly how you need them. It feels impossible to teach employees to do things exactly how you want. So, you throw your hands up and just do it all yourself instead.

How can you keep up the energy to do it all? I think you already know the answer. You can’t.

Stop running ragged with these 3 steps.

  1. Press the Pause Button on Yourself:
    You are spread thin. You complain of being overwhelmed and not doing tasks well. You’re overloaded and your employees know it. Your exhaustion is one of your company’s biggest obstacles. It’s ok to come up for some air. The business needs you balanced to sustain. Press the pause button and stop micromanaging.
  2. Make a List:
    Find 15 uninterrupted minutes and write a list of tasks. These are things that don’t carry expensive consequences if not handled like you would do it. Next to the items write how long they take, completion date and list an employee’s name who you visualize doing the task.
  3. Put Trust in Your Team:
    Not delegating simple tasks is taking away your employees’ power and slowing you down. Strong leaders don’t work in isolation. Some of your greatest opportunities are in the hands of your people. Let them show you what they can do. Something you hate to do may be something they love to do. Putting a little trust in them is the way to find out.

Are you palms sweating thinking about giving up a little control? Give this a try this week and see how you do.

Your Do It Today Take Away

Your “Do It Today” Take Away:

Communication is key! You’ve made your list, now time to get help. Start one-on-one with the first employee you’ve selected. Share with them you need their help. It’s ok to not be the expert in their eyes on everything. Showing vulnerability makes you human and builds trust.

Give clear explanations of the tasks and a completion date. Empower your employee to give you a brief update on completion. Reinforce how important their efforts and follow through are to you and the team. Thank them authentically for their support.

Maybe it sounds something like this.

“Hi __________, I could use some help with a few tasks. I’m off balance right now in my time management and I need to refocus.

I’m impressed by your (insert character quality, i.e. attention to detail). I need these tasks completed with strong follow through. I’m giving you full responsibility to take care of them professionally and efficiently. Give me a quick update by (insert day) and let me know what you’ve accomplished. I appreciate your support.”

Letting your grip go on little tasks gains you time and energy. When your employees successfully show you what they are made of, they level-up their ability to contribute. The right employee handling the right task is the best way to plant a lasting leadership seed. A true win-win!


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