Helping small business owners close the revolving door by cultivating empowered leaders and dedicated teams

Audra Byrne, Leadership Strategist
Audra Byrne
Leadership Strategist

Meet Audra

Running your own business can be a thrill. You have the freedom and flexibility to effect real change.

But a revolving door of employees can crush your ability to respond strategically to the marketplace.

Inconsistent performance, negativity and a general lack of responsibility in your staff won’t help you carry your mission forward.

Neither will nonstop micro-management or working all hours.

But who has time to course correct?

I get it. Small business runs in my blood from a young age. I know all of those classic employee problems.

I also know that your company’s greatest opportunities are in the hands of your people. When everyone is settled into the right positions and embedded into a rich company culture … you WILL surge forward.

That’s where I come in.

Coupled with a sharp eye for culture-driven leadership, I also have a talent for spotting and unlocking employee potential. Hiring innovative problem-solvers and aligning employees to natural roles is my sweet spot.

I founded Your Business Unchained to help owners like you close the revolving door by cultivating empowered leaders and dedicated teams.

You deserve a work force that will free you up and yield greater company stability and profits.

Let’s unchain your business!

When I’m not working with small business owners, I’m with my husband and our 3 kids in the mountains or somewhere on a beach. If you catch us closer to home, you’ll find us on the golf course enjoying a beautiful Colorado day.

Audra’s Professional Background and Education

  • Coach Training Certification from Coach Training Alliance (CTA), an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program, Boulder, Colorado
  • M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado