Helping small business owners close the revolving door by cultivating empowered leaders and dedicated teams

Audra Byrne, Leadership Strategist
Audra Byrne
Leadership Strategist

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You’re a brilliant and hard-working small business owner who built something from nothing in a tough marketplace.

But working nonstop and micro-managing employees has left you no time for growth or personal freedom. It’s isolating and exhausting dragging the chains of your business around.

You want a business that lets you live life on your terms. You want employees to reach their full potential, leaving time for you to lead your company to greater stability and profits.

That’s where I come in.

I have a talent for unlocking employee potential. It’s time to shift employee negativity and the inconsistent performance that comes from company stagnation into a positive business culture that’s bustling with motivated problem-solvers.

I founded Your Business Unchained to help owners like you close the revolving door by cultivating empowered leaders and dedicated teams.

Here’s how we’ll break the chains in your business:


Clarify Your Vision and Mission

We'll identify your strengths and re-awaken your sense of purpose for your business.

We'll devise a "culture deck" — shared beliefs, values and a clear mission for the company.

Then, we'll create opportunities and systems to entrain employees into the fresh culture.

Develop Leaders Who Generate Solutions

You'll learn simple coaching techniques to up-level employee responsibility, which will enable you to stop micromanaging.

I'll help you develop a leadership team with innovative problem solving capabilities.

We'll consider strong traits of your employees, aligning natural roles and responsibilities.

Secure Time for Your Business Evolution

Empowered leaders and teams will cut negativity and help close the revolving door problem.

You'll shift from working IN your business to working ON your business — gaining time for strategizing, professional development and personal freedom.

Your cohesive team will help to stabilize your company, increase productivity and profits.

I want to hear about your
business vision and goals.

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